Our services often extend way beyond the funeral itself.
We will handle any donations received in lieu of flowers, passing them onto the charity on your behalf.
In the case of cremation, we can arrange for the interment of cremated remains in a churchyard or cemetery, and again can give you advice and the options available to you. Alternatively, we can supply a memorial cremated remains urn or casket for their permanent storage.
We can also supply a memorial headstone or tablet and will give you advice in your choice of stone and inscription, taking into account any rules applicable to your chosen cemetery or churchyard. Additionally we can undertake memorial cleaning, repair and renovation and can arrange an additional inscription to be added to an existing memorial.
Throughout all of the arrangements, if there is anything you are unclear about, any details you wish to change, or any other service we can provide, please do not hesitate to ask us.
We will endeavour to satisfy all of your wishes fully.

After The Funeral

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